There are four sources for meeting rooms, The Speaker's Office, the CAO's Special Events Office, the Office of the Architect of the Capitol, and the individual Congressional Committees. Contacts and phone numbers for the first three are listed below. Please refer to the reference chart on the following page which lists room sizes and capacity. The Self-Scheduled rooms can be reserved directly by Member's offices by using the weekly sign up sheet on the door. Committee room availability and rules for use vary and must be reserved directly through the specific committee.


Conditions For Use of Rooms


Procedures for Set-up

Self Scheduled Rooms

Procedures For Exhibitions in The Rotunda of the Cannon House Office Building



Outside Caterers




Contact: Kathleen Taylor Fax #: 226-1996 Voice Mail: 225-4500

Rm H326, U.S. Capitol

The Speaker's Office handles Capitol rooms HC-4, HC-5, HC-6, HC-7, HC-8 and the Cannon Caucus Room.

All room requests must be submitted on 'Room Reservation Request' forms and faxed to the Speaker's office. No telephone requests will be accepted. Same-day emergency requests only can be phoned in to: 225-0600. Cancellations or changes to existing room reservations can be left on the room reservation voice mailbox at 225-4500.

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CAO, Special Events Office

Contact: Joan DeCain Fax #: 225-1038 Phone: 225-3374

Rm B361, RHOB

The Special Events office handles the following House Office Building Rooms:

Rayburn 2168 (Gold Room), 2105, B338, B339, B340, B354, B369, Rayburn Foyer and Courtyard, B357 (Cafeteria)

Longworth 1539, B223 (Cafeteria)

Cannon 121 and 311

O'Neill 116

Capitol H103/131 (Breakfast and evenings) and H-117, H-120 (Only when Congress is out of session)

You may make reservations by phone to the Special Events Office. Confirmation forms (Enclosure A-4) must be sent to confirm the arrangements.

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Architect of the Capitol

Contact: Linda Ashby Phone: 228-1793

The Architect's office handles reservations for EF-100 in the Capitol. Reservations may be made no more than thirty days in advance of the event.

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I . The meeting rooms under the jurisdiction of the Speaker shall be restricted to uses or purposes which serve Members, Committees or Officers of the House, and are Congressionally related and so certified in writing by the sponsoring Member. The Member sponsoring the event is expected to be in attendance. If a Member is unable to attend, a responsible representative of the staff must attend.

2. These rooms shall NOT be used for:

A. Commercial, profit-making, fundraising, advertising, political or lobbying purposes, nor for entertaining tour groups.

B. Personal celebrations such as birthdays, anniversaries, wedding receptions, graduations and the like.

C. Groups planning to charge admissions fees, have a cash bar, make collections, seek contributions, give door prizes. hold auctions or raffles, or otherwise exchange money while using the rooms. (Staff organizations recognized by the House Office Building Commission are exempted from the above prohibitions.)

D. Organizations practicing discrimination based on race, creed, color, or national origin.

E. Alternative locations for events scheduled elsewhere.

3. A guest list is required for:

Events in the House Office Buildings that begin after 7:00 PM Monday - Friday; after 1:00 PM on Saturdays; or anytime on Sundays and Holidays. (Provide the guest list to the U.S. Capitol Police, Room B-220, Longworth HOB.)

All events held in the U.S. Capitol Building. (Provided to the Capitol Police, Capitol

Division, Room ST3, U.S. Capitol Building.)

4. Rayburn Courtyard and Rayburn Foyer: Events are not allowed before 4:00pm. Tents are not allowed in the courtyard area.

5. Reservations for events will be accepted NO MORE THAN 12 MONTHS IN ADVANCE of the requested date. Requests for the next calendar year will not be accepted prior to October 1.

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Procedures for Setup

Function Rooms:

In the U.S. Capitol Building and the Cannon Caucus Room:

A. Furniture: Rooms are not furnished. Contact Office furnishings (6-2421) for your furnishing needs.

B. Water pitchers, plastic cups and ice: The Office of the Supervising Engineer (8-8800) will deliver plastic glasses and water pitchers to the function rooms. Ice may be collected from 9:00 am - 10:00 am and 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM at the following ice room locations:

The Capitol - between HB 19 and HB 20

Cannon HOB - B37

For in-house catering services, contact Marriott/Thompson catering ( 5-2529 or 5-1403). When using an outside caterer, contact the CAO/Special Event office (5-3374) regarding vendor approval. Also contact the Office of the Sergeant at Arms (5-2456) with the following information to facilitate caterer access: caterer's name, telephone and the names and social security numbers of personnel working the event. For access to the loading area provide the make, model, tag number of vehicle(s) making deliveries and the driver's and passengers' names and social security numbers.

D. Microphones : Contact Electronic Engineering (4-9827) for assistance.

E. Access: The Capitol Superintendent's office will open the rooms (8-8800)

In the House Office Buildings except the Cannon Caucus Room:

(The CAO/Function Planning Office (225-3374) is pleased to assist with furniture, audio/visual, catering and access requirements for events held in the House office buildings.)

A- Furniture: Rooms are not furnished. Kindly note requirements, including furniture set-up, electronic, audio/visual and other needs in the designated section of the CAO/Function Planning A4 reservation request/confirmation form. This office will coordinate these requirements with the appropriate offices. (Office Furnishing will contact the sponsoring office prior to the event to determine/confirm set-up arrangements.)

B. Water pitchers, plastic cups and ice. The House Superintendent (5-4141) will deliver plastic glasses and water pitchers (when available) to the function rooms. Ice may be collected between 9:00 am and 10:00 am and 12:30 PM and 1:30 PM at the following ice locations:

Cannon and O'Neill HOE Cannon B37

Longworth HOB Longworth room 1201A

Rayburn HOB Elevator Lobby 4 at the G-2 level


C. Catering: Marriott/Thompson provides catering service in both the Capitol and House Office Buildings (5-1403). Actual menu arrangements should be made directly with the caterer. When using an outside caterer, please so indicate on the A-4 Confirmation/Request form. If this caterer is not on the approved caterer list, your office will be contacted. Kindly advise the caterer to provide the following information to the CAO Function Planning office for any vehicle requiring use of a loading dock: vehicle make, model, tag state and number, and name and social security number of driver and passenger(s) to the Function Planning office.

D. Access: Function Planning office will furnish the House Superintendent with a weekly list of special events for access to the rooms. (The Superintendent also can provide admission to authorized persons for entry during non business hours.)

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A. Member's may reserve the self-scheduled meeting rooms by signing a weekly room reservation form at the entrance of each room.The reservation form covers a period of one week, to be posted between noon and 2:00 PM each Friday for the following week

B. Rooms are permanently furnished for conference and theater style meetings depending on size of room. (See attached Room Chart for specific reference.)

C. No food or drink is permitted in these rooms.

D. Member's are responsible for leaving the room in good condition and for turning off the lights.

E. Rooms are available for official government purposes only.

F. Rooms may be reserved for a time period not to exceed four hours.

G. Smoking is not permitted in the self-scheduled rooms.

H. All House Building Commission rules apply to use of the self-scheduled rooms.

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The Speaker has granted permission for the Rotunda of the Cannon House Office Building to be used for temporary displays of artwork. ***PLEASE NOTE: THIS AREA HAS BEEN DESIGNATED FOR DISPLAYS OF ARTWORK ONLY; NO RECEPTIONS, UNVEILING CEREMONIES OR MEETINGS OF ANY KIND ARE PERMITTED.***

To have an exhibit in this space, the following steps must be taken:

I . The exhibit must be sponsored by a Member of Congress.

2. Exhibits are scheduled by the Speaker's Office (Kathleen Taylor, 5-4500) for a one to two week period, depending on the time available.

3. After scheduling the exhibit, the Member should write a letter to the Speaker confirming the dates and describing the exhibit. Visual materials (photographs, slides, brochures, etc.) of all of the works to be exhibited should be included with the letter. If letters are sent to the Speaker prior to scheduling, they will be returned to the Member's office with a request to first complete step #2.

4. The visual materials for the exhibit will be forwarded to the Architect of the Capitol for review. The Speaker's Office will issue a temporary reservation confirmation, pending approval of the visual materials by the Architect. A final letter of approval is issued to the Member by the Architect of the Capitol, with copies furnished to the Speaker's Office and the House Office Building Superintendent.

5. The sponsoring Member should designate a staff person to be on hand when the exhibit is first put up and when it is removed to insure that the event is in compliance with all rules.

In addition, the rules below must be followed:

Expenses for transportation, insurance and installation of the exhibit must be borne by the exhibitor, not the Member of Congress.

No aspect of the exhibit can be presented with commercial intention, therefore, no sales information may be included in the display.

It is the policy of the House Office Building Commission that exhibits depicting subjects of contemporary political controversy or of a sensationalist or gruesome nature are prohibited.

Ten by five foot display panels are installed in the Rotunda for the convenience of exhibitors. The panels in the center of the room can be removed. Hooks and wires will be provided for the hanging of pictures. All pictures or artwork that is to be displayed on panels must be hung with hooks and wires so that painted surfaces will not be marred. Titles of artwork on display must be attached to the artwork itself, not to the display panels. The hanging of banners or signs of any size on the walls or columns of the building is prohibited. For detailed information on the arrangements for installing exhibitions, contact Peggy Donnelly in the House Superintendent's office at 225-4141.

The Rotunda is located at the main visitor's entrance to the Cannon House Office Building. The police on duty at the door are primarily concerned with building security.

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I . Statuary Hall is not available for regular event bookings, Because it is an historic landmark and part of the Capitol building tour, it may only be reserved for events of national or historical significance, and/or significant Congressional events for Members and visiting heads of state or foreign dignitaries.

2. The use of Statuary Hall is reserved for special events at the discretion of the Speaker. The Speaker reserves the right to cancel any reservation without prior notice.

3. If you believe that an event fits the criteria listed above, a Member of the House of Representatives must address a letter to the Speaker requesting permission to use Statuary Hall. Please include the date, time, and details of the event, including any plans for catering, music, and any obstructed access through the Hall.

4. Events which might impede Members' access to the floor or distract or disrupt activity on the House floor will not be scheduled in Statuary Hall when the House is in session.

5. The Member or their designated staff member will be notified via telephone of the status of the request.

6. Questions regarding procedures, or inquiries regarding the status of a request may be made to Kathleen Taylor, Special Events Coordinator, at 54500.

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